Womad Festival - 28-30 July 2006


I arrived at Womad Festival after a hard day at work in the hot summer sun. After getting my son, Lee's tent up and sorting out the van it was time for my supervisors meeting. I was not happy to find out I was working the night shift that very night! That was a killer although I was kept on my toes most of the night due to the high amount of thefts from tents. Such a shame that there are people that come here on a Thursday night to rob people of their money for the weekend.

 The weekend stayed very hot and dry and the Thursday night shift killed me off for Friday as well as the heat! Saturday brought another 8 hour shift as did Sunday. I didn't get to see many bands here at all but had a very relaxed bimble around the festival taking in the vibe.


Below are a selection of photographs from the gathering.