Glade Festival - July 2004

Glade is full of lots of very friendly colourful people and a really chilled vibe. The music is a bit samey but hey it was pretty good stuff. There was lots of magic mushrooms going round creating a tripped out fantasy world. I saw Dreadzone on the Friday evening at the main stage, they mashed it up big time despite the early time of 6pm.  I haven't got a clue who else I heard that night but ended up chilling at the solar chill stage till the sun rose and I crawled back to my tent.


Saturday afternoon brought dub day to the liquid stage, I heard LSD sound system whilst I was working picking up litter and it sounded great. Later on I caught Plump DJs and Stanton Warriors on the Breaksday stage and Eat Static on the main stage, all playing wicked tunes although Eat Static seemed to play much the same as 10yrs ago when I first saw them.


Sunday was great, 4hrs of classic reggae on the Sancho Panza stage from Jimmy K Tel and Michael Cook. All the music finished at 8pm on the Sunday just as I finished work! Monday was full on clearing the site of litter, the campsites were pretty tidy, most people leaving all their rubbish in a bin liner but the areas around the stages were terrible. I can't understand how people can come to a festie like this and just chuck their rubbish on the floor in such beautiful surroundings.


I left on Monday evening, nearly all the rubbish was in bags by then. some of the crew stayed on and by Wednesday 30tons of rubbish had been taken off site for recycling and the event organisers were happy.........job well done!

I didn't take any photos but here is a couple from a friend.