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Glade Festival - 15-17 July 2005

I arrived back at Glade in the searing heat for a weekend of festival fun. Most of the music is not really my taste but Dreadzone were playing and they always put on a great show. Thankfully they played much later than last year and so the crowd were well up for it!


Glade is small enough to keep bumping into the same people which is great. I bumped into people I met here last year which was really nice. I worked Saturday and Sunday morning for 3 hours which although doesn't sound much was enough after a late night partying. Most of the time after work I wandered between stages catching different music. My favourite area is definitely the ID Spiral chill out zone, beautiful decoration and great music makes it very hard to leave!


There are numerous stalls but those selling mushrooms or laughing gas did the most trade by far. Oxfam provided the stewards this year but as I had done litter picking last year I stuck with that this year. Bit of a mistake really, although the litter picking was less hours Oxfam treat you so much better. As I know quite a few of the Oxfam stewards now I could go to any of the stages and bump into someone I knew working there.


The music finishes at 8pm on the Sunday but not everyone leaves, people make their own entertainment for the evening. Monday was spent working the whole day, watching people pack up and leave helped relieve the boredom. The heavens opened late afternoon with the first rain for days but it didn't last too long. Eventually my shifts were done and I was on my way home.

Below are a selection of photographs from the gathering.

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