Womad Festival - July 2004

My first time working for Oxfam and my first Womad. I had a wicked time, I worked 8hrs on the Friday and 10hrs on the Saturday on communications, (comms) so I got wasted on the Sunday! I watched Luciano from backstage....cool! I enjoyed the backstage bar and enjoyed meeting lots of lovely people.


A special mention and much love to Brady and James who I camped next to and spent a lot of time with. Thanks for the CDs to Gwyn, the maddest off it person I met there! Lots of love to the Fairies that stroked me with their wands and glittered my face. Thanks to the Brainmachine guys for letting me and Brady on free on the Sunday night jest because I made their crew member Jon Smith a cup of tea that morning......wicked experience we loved it. 


Thanks to Damien Dempsey and Pauline Scanlon for the Irish songs around the fire at 4am when I came off shift, and their friends, massive respect. Finally big up the Oxfam staff, Judy, my shift leaders Mark and Abi, supervisor Steve, Diana who I worked with at Glade, her mates Sean and someone whose name escapes me, cosmic Jon and Clive..... what a lovely bunch of people.

I didn't take any photos but here is a couple from a friend.