Beltane Horsedrawn Festival - 27-29 April 2018

It's always a risk turning up to a small festival field after a rainy few days. At big festivals there is often some sort of temporary artificial track laid out or a big tractor on hand to pull anyone out. At the horsedrawn you know someone will be around somewhere to pull you out but you also know there is much more of a DIY ethic and you are encouraged to sort yourself out where possible.

I managed to get on the field through the muddy entrance and to a decent enough spot to park for the weekend but I couldn't level up because as soon as I stopped and tried to move again the wheels dug themselves in the mud. Rather than get any deeper in I left it at that as my van wasn't too off kilter.

I had been away in Portugal since December and hadn't seen many of my friends that are usually at this festival since before I had split up with my long-term partner in the October so most of the weekend was spent socialising and not taking photographs of bands or taking enough notice of who was playing!

On the Sunday, even though there was bands on that evening, I decided to leave early. Partly due to the muddy conditions but mostly to do with the fact that I had to sell the small van I had bought as a temporary home and buy what would become a more permanent home. I got towed off site and made my way back to Gloucester, a little bit gutted to have left early but with a mission to get to the jet wash first thing the next morning!


Below are a selection of photographs from the festival.