It's Not the End of the World Horsedrawn Gathering 25-27 August 2017


Just before coming to this little gathering I had written an article about the cost of the small 'grass roots' festivals. The twice a year horsedrawn events come out top in every way. Not only are they cheap but there are no hidden charges like for you car parking, campervan, dog or tent but there is also no 'crew' or 'VIP' area where musicians and other crew are segregated from the paying guests just in case god forbid a mere member of the public talks to them!

I had also written about the problems of taking dogs to some of the festivals that allow dogs (there is a few nowadays!) The horsedrawn has always had a 'dog on a lead' policy although never very strictly enforced. This time however saw far less roaming dogs than previous events. Maybe partly to do with the event page on Facebook before hand making it very clear that it will not be tolerated along with telling people their dogs should be wormed. Also partly to do with the signs posted all over the site stating that loose dogs will be taken to the pound. It did the trick and I can say i didn't step in dog poo once!

The weather couldn't have been better and was absolutely glorious all weekend. I ran my stall on all three days which was conveniently situated on the main drag between the main stage and Sanger's stage. I had my friend doing a stall next door so didn't get lonely and we met lots of wonderful people who came to browse and buy.

In the evenings we watched lots of bands and had a good dance as well as wandered around the festival site taking in the atmosphere and chatting to old friends and new. I didn't take any photographs in the evenings of the bands as after a long day in the red hot sun on my stall I just wanted to relax and not think about getting good photographs! Sorry as maybe I should if I am going to do a review lol.

We saw Tarantism due plus 1 so trio I guess, RDF, Dub the Earth, PAIN, Urban Lions, Army of Skanks and The Hedgerow Crawlers. They were all great, we missed lots of other great music but it's not just about the music for me it's just about being in a field with lots of like minded folk especially those living full time on the road and those of my travelling family that are maybe a bit more settled these days but still come to the parties!

Brilliant weekend and a massive love filled thank you to Pete and his crew as well as Orrible Ian entertainments, the nine bar crew, Baz's bar crew, the horsedrawn family, the travellers, punks and squatters and all the other special people that make this festival so great.


Below are a selection of photographs from the gathering.


It's Not the End of the World

It's Not the End of the World

My stall!

My stall!

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