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Boscawen-un Stone Circle

Located in Cornwall, UK. The focus of fascination with this evocative circle is certainly the pillar located in the centre. Although it is a full 2.5m (8 feet) in length, it leans at such an angle that its tip is only 1.9m (6 feet 2 inches) above the ground. Excavation has revealed evidence that it was installed in the leaning position.

The large circle is actually an oval 25m. The nineteen stones are rather evenly spaced, and the wide gap at the west suggests an astronomical alignment similar to the nearby Merry Maidens. The stones vary from 0.9m to 1.5m in height, with the smooth sides facing the interior of the ring.

The circle is a few hundred metres south of the A30 west of Drift, 1.5km north of St Buryan. There are several ways of getting there, although the route south from the layby on the A30 is the most straightforward.

Below are a selection of photographs from my visit there.

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