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Total Resistance Festival - 20-22 April 2018

Total Resistance Festival had always been a techno music festival until a friend of ours had come up with the idea of putting on a live music stage. We were invited as part of the stage crew and for our band Undying Heads to play as well as my partners other band, The Rocking Horse of Oisin.

I was looking forward to having some of our best friends all in one place and hopefully better weather than 2 weeks before when we were at a very rainy Freekuency festival. The weather was excellent and we had our own little area with a small stage inside a geo-dome at one end of the 'arena' part of the site. There was a few stalls and a bar in the middle and at the other end was the huge sound system whose name I can't remember as to be honest it's not my thing so I didn't really spent any time there.

The camping area was huge and it was possible to be really far away from the banging music as well as other people if you wished. The site was great and although basic it worked well. There was a row of purpose built compost toilets which were very good and plenty of free clean drinking water.

We had a fairly busy weekend and were around the live music stage a lot of the time. My partner was one of the sound engineers so I spent some time wandering the camping area on my own bumping into old friends and making new ones. There was some great live music mostly from bands based in Portugal including Mad Farmers and Kavemen. There was also a set from Dub the Earth MC Sam and the weird and wonderful Jason Doghouse from Wales also played a great show.

On the Saturday afternoon there was a magic show from Jos who had the crowd laughing at his bungled tricks and gasping when he actually pulled off a bit of magic! A fun time was had by all including those pulled out of the crowd to participate.

On the Monday amid some tidying up and packing down there was a jam session to end a great weekend.


Below are a selection of photographs from the festival.


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