Stannon Stone Circle

Stone Circle on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. This is a huge roughly circular ring of about 42.7m. Like its neighbour Fernacre not too far to the east, its stones are irregularly spaced. Most are small, with the tallest 1.1m located at the south. Its siting between two streams but away from extensive settlements to the WSW ENE and NW suggest a ceremonial function for the circle.


On open moorland just south of Stannon china clay works, and seen from the road, this is a large circle with between 70 and 80 remaining stones, and a diameter of between 40 and 43 metres. In places the stones are very close together and seem to touch, but in other places they are well spaced.

As with most circles on this part of Bodmin moor, the largest and most significant stones are triangular in shape, pointing upwards. At the southwest of the circle are a pair of reasonably large stones, a slightly greater distance apart than the norm, with a flat slab between them, which seem to perhaps form some sort of entrance to the circle.

Turn off B3266 up track towards Stannon china clay tips. Not far from track.

Below are a selection of photographs from my visit there.