Knockengorroch (Ceilidh Gall Gallowa) Festival - 20-22 May 2005

Galloway's unique spring festival is set on the upland meadows of Knockengorroch farm, at the foot of the mighty Cairnsmore, by the banks of the magical Water of Deugh. This is the most beautiful place for a festival, in the middle of nowhere surrounded by amazing countryside. The festival is small, around 2000 people attended which means it is easy to bump into the same people again and again, (not always an advantage!)

I wouldn't normally travel so far for a festival due to time on the road and fuel costs but a band from Birmingham who were booked to play on the Sunday evening had asked me to drive them. They didn't want to go for the whole festival though so as they were paying the fuel I had to go (and leave) when they wanted to!


As I only got there late Sunday afternoon I did not see much music or talk to many people but did get a chance to have a bit of a wander round and take a few photos. Unfortunately the weather wasn't very kind to us on Sunday evening, it managed a few hours of sunshine but once it started getting dark the heavens opened and it rained (and hailed) on and off for the rest of the night.

Below are a selection of photographs from the gathering.