Reading Festival - 25-27 August 2006


Reading festival is not where I really want to be, it's full of teenagers who have had far too much alcohol and have been let loose at a festival for the first time. There is no peace and love vibe here, more like a drink and destroy vibe! My son, Lee wanted to come with his friend so I reluctantly agreed to work here one last time so as they could get in.

I was supervising all the stewards on the emergency exits which was a pretty good job compared to some. I did three 8 hour shifts over the weekend the worst one being on the Sunday evening when everyone just wants to trash and burn everything in sight.

I only saw one band properly and that was Goldie Lookin Chain as I had never seen them before. I had spent that morning on their tour bus after dancing with them backstage at the silent disco the night before so felt I should go and check them out! Most of my weekend, when I wasn't working was spent catching up with friends and just hanging out with them either backstage or in our private camping area. We all got horribly drunk most of the time we were not at work and I met Mike Skinner from The Streets YAY! The only other interesting thing that happened was an artic lorry nearly took out the temporary police station which was really funny. Unfortunately he did stop before totally destroying it (shame!)


Below are a selection of photographs from the gathering.