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Gloucester Cathedral

God has been worshipped on this site for over 1300 years. A small religious community was founded here in Saxon times by Osric. His sister Kyneburga was the first Abbess. In 1089 the foundation stone of the new abbey church was laid by Robert, Bishop of Hereford. Benedictine monks lived here until 1540 when King Henry VIII abolished monasteries. In 1134 Robert, Duke of Normandy, eldest son of William the Conqueror was brought here to be buried after being held prisoner at Cardiff castle by his youngest brother King Henry I. In 1216 the coronation of King Henry III took place. In 1541 King Henry VIII made the abbey church a Cathedral due to King Edward II being buried here in 1327.


The organ in the cathedral has been here since 1665 and is used daily. The great east window was made in about 1350 and would have been grander than anything ever seen in England, it is the size of a tennis court! There has been major alterations and repairs over the years.

Below are a selection of photographs from my visit there.

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