Avebury Summer Solstice - June 2009


We were parked up on the ridgeway again for this years summer solstice at avebury. There were more vans and trucks than last year as well as a few more tents. It takes about 45 minutes to walk to the stone circle and is a great place to park up as there is not much of a police presence there. We walked up to West Kennet long barrow first, there were a few people up there celebrating the coming solstice evening. After meeting friends back at the van and chilling out for a few hours talking to the people wandering by we headed into Avebury. there was lots of people around the stones, some playing guitars and drums, some spinning fire poi and staffs and others wandering or sitting with friends. Throughout the evening various pagan ceremonies took place. There was a high police presence which is not needed at all, they would be better off becoming litter police as the amount of rubbish left by the crowds is stupid. How can people come to such a beautiful spot and think its OK to drop their litter? I don't understand it and it saddens me to see so many people with such little respect for our beautiful land. Apart from that most people were chilled and friendly and we saw the sunrise in together. Well actually it was cloudy so we didn't actually see the sunrise at all! We had a good laugh at the guy who thought he could run down the bank and back up again only to fall at the bottom. He didn't look like he really hurt himself but after moaning on the floor for a while his mate came to try and rescue him. He must have told him that he was hurt as his mate went off to get the paramedics which was also entertaining for the crowds who gave a cheer to the paramedic who also fell and then recovered and the rather large paramedic who slid down on his bum! We headed back up to the Ridgeway and just as we got back to the van the sun finally made an appearance from behind the clouds :)


Below are a selection of photographs from the gathering.