Glastonbury Festival - June 1995

As I'm writing this years later my memory is a little hazy! This was my first ever festival, I was 24 years old and bought my ticket at my local HMV record store for £70. I had passed my driving test the year before and just got my first car and so I left my nearly 4 year old son with my Mum and went with my friend Lisa to Glastonbury festival! Lisa didn't have a ticket, we had to hang around the perimeter fence until she happened upon a few lads who were charging a fiver for the use of their rope ladder to get over the fence. Once Lisa was in I went in with my ticket and we met up inside.

We were meant to meet other friends and camp with them but by the time we got near to where the tents started we were already fed up of carrying all our stuff and blown away by the huge site. We thought that if we went further off into the camping area we would have too much walking to do over the weekend! It ended up being a stupid idea as we were really close to a stage and so the noise and the people passing the tent was immense!

Over the weekend we saw Prodigy, Skunk Anansie, Eat Static, Pulp and lots more that I know fail to remember! We spent lots of time wandering around in awe of the massive festival, we bought clothes and souvenirs from the stalls, talked to random strangers and generally had a pretty good time. My friend had a bit of a paranoia trip on a pill she took and we spent most of Sunday up in the green fields chilling out. Overall it was a great introduction to a festival and although by this time it was huge and commercial it still had something that it now lacks. It still had more people connecting, it still had a more diverse range of people being able to afford tickets, different people working at it and people devising ingenious ways to get in for free.

From the Glastonbury Festival website: The 25th anniversary of the first Festival was celebrated and saw the return of the two performers from the first event, Keith Christmas and Al Stewart. Demand for the tickets had never been so intense and the event was completely sold out within four weeks of the ticket release date. 1995 also saw the introduction of a Dance Tent which was a major success and featured Massive Attack, System 7 and Eat Static. The Stone Roses were forced to pull out the week before the event to be replaced by Pulp but did appear at the Pilton Show in September instead. Channel 4 televised the event again. The Greenpeace donation was raised to £200,000, Oxfam to £100,000 with local charities benefiting by another £100,000. The event was marred by the perimeter fence being taken down at the top of the site aggravating the problems of trespass for other land owners adjoining the site. Attendance was 80,000 and tickets cost £65.


I didn't take any photos, there are some on the archive pages on the Glastonbury Festival website HERE.


These two had only known each other a couple of months and had a pagan wedding at Glastonbury 1995. I always wondered if they stayed together. Their friend saw this site and yes as of 2005 they're still together.