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Beltane Horsedrawn Gathering 1-3 May 2015


We made our annual trip to the Horsedrawn Beltane bash. I cannot recommend this festival highly enough and along with the Horsedrawn summer holiday gathering in August they are my favourite festivals. For someone used to free festivals like myself this is about as close as you will get to that vibe in the UK. For £20 you get a weekend of fun including camping, bands, bars, food, kids activities and beautiful horses and wagons. On top of all that you can bring your truck, caravan and dog for no extra charge.


This year saw bands such as Tarantism, RDF, Firepit Collective and Dub the Earth amongst others playing over the weekend. I didn't get any photos of the bands as the lighting wasn't that great in the tent and to be honest I spent every day on my Samsimillia Creativity stall and took the evenings off from worrying about getting photos and stuff like that!


There was a wedding on the Sunday which at least half of the festival seemed to attend, I didn't see the actual ceremony as I was manning my stall but the bride came past one way with her bridesmaids on a trap pulled by a horse (obviously!) and then the bride and groom came back past after the ceremony. Lovely to see.


Below are a few photos from the festival that I took in the daytime.


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