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Big Green Gathering - July 2003

I hadn't been to a festival for quite a few years when out of the blue a friend asked if I would like to work in the disabled area of the Big Green Gathering. I hadn't heard of the festival but it sounded like a great opportunity. As my son was getting older I had been thinking of things I could do with him and on my own and working at festivals had been something I had been thinking about.


The Big Green Gathering is for people who care about health, the environment, sustainability, our children's future and life in general. It is a celebration of our natural world and our place within it. As such it is a place for enjoyment, learning and fun. Unhealthy activities are not encouraged. Alcohol and other substances are not available on the site. The only things taken in excess should be love, peace, joy, and friendship is their ethos. The only way to shift stuff around the site is horse and cart and there is a whole area with horse drawn travellers.

There are lots of wicked things to do and learn and activists a plenty in the campaigns field. I had a great five days working and socialising and bimbling around the site.

I didn't take any photos, here's a few random ones I found online when I got home, all but one from HERE where there are lots more to look at.

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