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Dolmen de Dombate, Spain



There are many dolmens simlar to this but what makes the Dolmen de Dombate one so unusual is the huge covering built around it. It is like a dolmen in a warehouse!


The mound is about 24 meters in diameter and 1.80 m high, and consists of a layer of earth partially covered by a stone shell formed by flat stones deposited horizontally (to mark the perimeter of the site), and prominent stones and well placed throughout the interior. The dolmen consists of a wide polygonal chamber formed by seven orthostats , one of which measures 4.64 x 3 m, and a corridor of three sections, distinct plan and section. The entrance was closed with a cover upright stone slab. Some megaliths (or megaliths) elongated from the outside slabs were placed in order to help close the gap. The pits in which these large stones were sustained, reached depths of 140 centimeters in the chamber and 70 cm in the corridor. Interesting to note that in the initial segment of the corridor latest mound, they found 20 small idols , and that the megaliths of the corresponding chamber containing petroglyphs . In addition, all slabs, both in the chamber and in the corridor, have paintings. These are divided into two horizontal registers separated by a red stripe of red and black dots, which together a composition in which raw geometricity (zigzags, vertical and oblique stripes, wavy, grids, etc.). The red color was obtained from iron oxide and black from charcoal , possibly applied on a white primer from some type of fat mixed with kaolin. A row of idols, twenty in all, was also found placed in front of the hall and on the edge of the mound, and very interesting lithic and ceramic artifacts.

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