Glastonbury Festival - June 2000

We, (my then partner and I) had a great idea to go and try and get into Glastonbury Festival. We didn't have tickets or much money to try and buy a legitimate ticket but we had heard it was fairly easy to get in. We headed off on the Saturday morning from Gloucester and made our way to the festival. On the queue into the car park we bought a fake stamp each from some travellers hanging out on the grass verge. Little did we know that a few cars behind were the police and they thought we were buying drugs! After parking, and a strip search in the back of a police van for my partner, we tried our luck through the gates with our fake stamps. The stewards on duty were young and unsure and as they were debating over whether our stamps were legitimate we barged our way in and ran into the crowd of festival goers never to be found again!

As I'm writing this years later I haven't got a clue what music we saw. No doubt we mostly hung out at the dance tent as we were big drum and bass fans at the time. I also know that quantities of ecstasy and speed were taken by us that kept us up all night. We didn't have a tent, when we had enough we made it back to the car and drove home!

From the Glastonbury website: This year saw the return of the pyramid stage (the third pyramid stage), 100 feet high and clad in dazzling silver. There was more camping space with the introduction of a special family campsite. A new outdoor dance venue among trees, christened the glade, was introduced and proved a great success. Once again Greenpeace, Oxfam and Water Aid were the major beneficiaries. This year saw a huge influx of gatecrashers, the licensed attendance was 100,000 and official tickets were £87.

I didn't take any photos, there are some on the archive pages on the Glastonbury Festival website HERE.