Welcome to my website, home to all things creative that I love to do. Here you can see examples of my work in various mediums. There are options on this website to buy some of my products. I hope you enjoy this website. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.

I am originally from a beautiful area of the UK known as the Cotswolds. Growing up in a small village in the countryside enabled me to have a close relationship to nature. I enjoyed being outside and from an early age enjoyed taking photographs. Although I moved to a city for a while as an adult I still maintained a close relationship to nature, mother earth and the cycle of the seasons.


I take a lot of my inspiration from nature. I lead a close to nature lifestyle, I live in a home on wheels and have travelled around Europe in it with my partner and our two dogs. I spend a lot of time outside in all weathers watching the cycle of the seasons. As a new traveller some of my photography, art and crafts takes inspiration from the travelling lifestyle and from festivals and gatherings. I am interested in goddess spirituality, paganism, wicca and ancient magical sites like Stonehenge and Avebury. Some of my photography, arts and crafts reflects this.


We are all creative beings, when we decorate our homes, make meals or plan our gardens we are being creative. It is a massive part of our nature to want to create beautiful things be it music, art, crafts or food. But still people do not believe they are creative, people think creativity is taught in art lessons or pottery class. The truth is creativity cannot be taught, it is something within all of us. Art lessons and the like only teach you how to manipulate the mediums you are using.


One of the many problems with the modern world is our creativity can be suppressed by busy lifestyles. I believe that this can have a detrimental effect on us. Getting creative is good for the soul and and drawing something repetative like a geometric pattern is akin to meditating. All you need to be creative is you, so experiment with drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, making music, cooking, gardening, decorating and much more!

This website and shop is now closed until further notice. Many thanks for your visit.

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Ethical policy: I will not to work for individuals or companies that have no regard for human rights or animal welfare. 


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